A guide to the best baby swim nappies

A guide to the best baby swim nappies

If you have plans to take your baby to a swimming pool, a swim nappy is an essential item for your swim bag. Swimming (or simply splashing around) is a great activity to introduce your little one to water and help them grow in confidence. Swim nappies ensure there aren’t any unpleasant accidents in the water. Here, we take a look at the best baby swim nappies that offer all-round protection and comfort, meaning both you and baby can feel relaxed and enjoy your time in the water.

Why are swim nappies so important?
A swim nappy is specifically designed to offer an extra level of protection. Regular nappies aren’t suitable for use in water, as they absorb too much water, become too heavy and therefore dangerous for little ones. All swim nappies have close-fitting legs and a tight-fitting waistband for if an accident should occur (everything is kept contained and there’s no leakage).

Swim nappies are sized according to the weight of a baby, much like regular nappies. You should choose a snug fit that’s comfortable for your baby. Like most baby swim companies, Swimbabes recommends children up to the age of four wear a swim nappy while in the water.

Best baby swimming nappy
Our swim nappy recommends
At Swimbabes, we’re big advocates of the Splash About Happy Nappy range. This neoprene swim nappy is supple and stretchy so it’s easy to get on and off. The super soft, snug-fitting deep bands of fabric that go around the waist and legs make them a brilliant choice for swimming. The Splash About Happy Nappy comes in a range of colours and patterns and can be bought in a version that only covers the nappy area or in a wetsuit. Swimming time can become even more fun thanks to the various exciting designs available, from Nina’s Ark to Dino Pirates. The Happy Nappy is available in a range of sizes from birth to two years so you can guarantee a perfect fit.

We also advise using a Splash About Happy Nappy Liner for added protection. The nappy that sits underneath is your choice – whether cloth or disposable. You should make your decision based on what’s comfortable for your baby and what you’d like against their skin.

Being in the water should be an enjoyable experience for both baby and parent and a swim nappy provides that extra peace of mind you won’t be left red-faced in the pool.

Want to know more about Swimbabes’ swim nappy recommendations? Get in touch for expert advice or to find out more about our extensive range of swim nappies.



Published at 8 Jun 2017 | Posted by Laura

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