The best baby wetsuits: What to consider before buying

The best baby wetsuits: What to consider before buying

Whether you’re heading to the local pool for a swim class or jetting off to be by the seaside, if you’re planning on swimming time for your little one a baby wetsuit should be one of your first purchases. Alongside a towel and swim nappy, it’s a staple item for your bag of swimming essentials. But with so much choice available, it can be hard to work out which one to go for. The main thing to think about when buying a wetsuit is how much coverage you’d like. You should also consider ease of getting it on and off and not make the mistake of buying for growth. A wetsuit needs to fit correctly – it needs to be snug and an ill-fitting one will defeat the point.

Here, we take a look at why a baby wetsuit is so important and outline the best buys.

Cute baby swimming wetsuit for boys

Why buy a baby wetsuit for swimming?
It’s advised that for babies under six months old, the pool is heated to at least 32 degrees. Little ones – especially newborns – need to feel warm in the water and that will contribute to their enjoyment and confidence. Swimbabes recommends the Splash About Wrap for an all-round efficient wetsuit. It guarantees premium quality with 2mm-thick neoprene and offers effective lateral and longitudinal stretch for the utmost comfort for your little one and can adjust as your baby grows. However, depending on where you’re swimming and the age of your little one, you might need to consider other factors when buying a baby wetsuit.

The best baby wetsuits for sun protection in a holiday pool
If you’re going on holiday and plan to splash about in the pool or in the sea for much of the time, choose a UV all-in-one wetsuit for your baby. They’re
designed to protect the neck, arms and legs from harmful sun exposure. Swimbabes loves the Splash About UV Sun & Sea Suit Owl & the Pussycat Wetsuit. It offers UPF 50+ sun protection and provides resistance against wind and sand. These are for children aged one and older.

Best baby wetsuit for swimming girls

The best baby wetsuits for convenience
Young ones are expected to wear a swim nappy whenever they’re in the water. For ease of use as well as baby’s comfort, you may opt for a wetsuit with an integrated swim nappy. Splash About Happy Nappy Wetsuit ensures your swimming session is fuss-free as it includes a secure swim nappy, leaving you with one less thing to think about and pack. This versatile wetsuit offers upper body UPF 50+ sun protection too.

The best baby wetsuits with simple design
Baby wraps are great if you’d like a no-frills product that’s similar in design to a swimming costume. Many people question whether they keep babies warm given that they don’t feature sleeves or legs. However, they’re extremely effective in keeping your little one’s temperature maintained while in the pool and they help reduce the shock-factor of that water to changing room chill. Plus, they don’t in any way restrict their movement, meaning they can kick and splash to their heart’s content. Take a look at the Two Bare Feet Wrap Warmer or the Splash About Baby Wrap for our recommendations.

 Baby wetsuit splash about all in one pink

The best baby wetsuits for ultimate warmth
For longer swimming sessions or for children who feel the cold that little bit more, some wetsuits offer added warmth with a fleece lining. The Splash About Warm in One wetsuit is the only product to cover the whole body, including arms and legs. It not only provides a thick layer of insulation, it blocks in barrier cream and offers all-over protection against chlorine for sensitive skin too. The Warm in One is fleece-lined – so it’s soft and gentle on baby’s skin – and it fastens easily at the back with Velcro and offers UPF 50+ sun protection.

Want to know more about the various benefits and features of baby wetsuits? Browse our extensive range or get in touch for more information.


Published at 8 Jun 2017 | Posted by Laura

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